Ayurpreneur Academy

By Dr. Vivekanand Kullolli, World's First & Only Ayurpreneur Transformation Coach

"You Need Not Be Genius of Ayurveda Classics, To Be A Successful Ayurveda Entrepreneur."

Just Get Into ALH To Setup Your Entrepreneurship.

Join an exclusive community of Ayurveda Professionals to get community support & clarity on your career & professional Goals to use your Ayurveda knowledge to setup your own ecosystem of entrepreneurship along with your present state of profession (may be a clinic or a job), to get Lifelong Multiple Massive Income.

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What are you going to learn?

Basics of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not only for making money but to add value to others Lifw

Why We Need Goals For Life?

To Traverse Through Four Important  Stages of Life

What is Ayurpreneurship?

Ayurveda + Entrepreneurship = Ayurpreneurship

The Three Most Important Goals of Life

What Ayurveda Speaks About Three Important Goals of Life?

Pre-Requisites of Ayurpreneurship

Persona + Knowledge + Skills + Uniqueness 

The DYS Goal Setting Formula

The DYS Goal Setting Formula To Achieve Your C Type Goal (Life Time)

Who is it for?

Here is what you get at ₹999 only

Community Access

Get access to my private exclusive Community of Ayurveda Professionals at Ayurpreneur Academy today.

worth ₹19,999

Monthly Master Mind Sessions

To understand the Mindset, Concept, Skillset & Monetization

worth ₹19,999/Year

121 Clarity Session

Get 121 Clarity Session To Set Your  Professional Goals  based on the Availability of the slots 

worth ₹9,999

Ayurpreneur DYS Goal Setting Formula

Get Life Time Access To The Most Advanced And Powerful Course For Goal Setting

worth ₹9,999

Meet your Mentor

Dr. Vivekanand Mohan Kullolli, M.S(Ayurved) & LLB, is a consulting Ayurvedic Surgeon and Academician for more than 20 years. He has Founded Ayurpreneur Academy and Ayurpreneur Lifestyle Hub to help Ayurveda Students and the Professionals, to use Ayurveda knowledge and the BAMS degree for creating Money Machines. He understands the pain and the frustration of Ayurveda professionals when it comes to Finance and the Significance. 

His only mission is to create the Community of successful Ayurveda Entrepreneurs, whom he calls as Ayurpreneurs, and the community as Ayurpreneur Lifestyle Hub. His concern and the Lifetime goal is to see that all Ayurveda professionals should get all that they deserve. Ayurpreneur Lifestyle Hub is programmed to facilitate the well deserved Social & Professional Significance, Financial Abundance and Time Freedom for the Ayurveda Professionals. He has been mentored by many of the international mentors of various fields like Teaching, Digital Coaching, Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Communication and Leadership Skills, Numerology and Neuro-Linguistic Programs. He wants to give all that he has learnt from all his mentors to his Ayurveda Colleagues to enable them to be successful entrepreneurs to achieve Significance. 

His clinical practices are more focused on the Medical Management of Surgical Diseases. In the Last 20 years, he has served in the different positions of academic line as Medical Superintendent to Principal, of different Ayurvedic Institutions. He is also an expert in the non-materialistic healing by means of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Numerology. He has Published more than 36 Research Papers, 5 best selling books, 01 clinical trial and guided 14 Post Graduate Thesis, He has more than 5000 surgeries and more than 10000 medicinally managed patients in his credit.

Get certified

Get a certificate from (Dr. vivekanand kullolli) once you have completed this Course on your email! The certificate will help you

  • To Boost Up Confidence In Ayurveda
  • Brand Image Creation
  • Increase Your Credibility In Market


Whether the courses are for lifetime access?

The Ayurpreneur Success Blueprint & The Ayurpreneur DYS goal setting formula both, pre recorded video courses are for life time access. you can learn at your own pace

Are these only courses from Ayurpreneur Lifestyle Hub?

No. These courses are of Bronze Membership. Ayurpreneur Lifestyle Hub offers another three levels of courses to help you set up your own entrepreneurial ecosystem  

Whether These Are Certification Courses?

Yes. You will get the certification from the community. But that cannot be treated as the substitute for the BAMS degree. These courses are only supporting courses for your own entrepreneurship.

Whether The Ayurpreneur Academy is Registered?

Yes. Ayurpreneur Academy is registered under MSME of Government of India as single ownership proprietorship for the educational services purposes